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Bersion is the most dreamed and dedicated project I have so far. It consists in the idea of creating a new social network to link entertainment and professional world with work recruitment. Companies can see future candidates available for their vacancies, so the users will try to show the best version of themselves. But, the most important thing here is that there is no like button. This way, people won’t expect to be liked by others; they are just showing their best. It's a way to enjoy it without depending on social networks and, at the same time, a revolution of the way that we show our works. It’s a whole new CV concept.

So thankfull for the team who made it happen (Gemma Cuartielles, Adri Alemany and Adri Sanguesa).

If you are a user or a company who trusts this project, join me and help me making it real.

Demo of the first version of Bersion App.
Finalist in 'Premio Más Humano' 2016, Madrid.
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Candidatos 302.jpg
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