Fundación Alba Pérez

Hoy, en el #diamundialcontraelcancerinfantil  lanzamos este proyecto para con la finalidad de animar a la gente a preguntarse, interesarse, parar atención o, incluso donar, para esta causa tan necesaria.

Alianzas Breda

I'm being part of an amazing project. It's the first digital platform of wedding rings with a test system that allows costumers to try for free at their home the products they love more. Breda has an important values and it works with recycled gold. I'm the responsible of the web content, social networks content and management, blog, and the campaigns. Take a look at
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With an amazing creative team from FIU, we've created an amazing campaign for Sant Jordi 2020. It was a solidary project about delivering augmented reality roses during the lockdown period. We have donated half of the benefits to collaborate on the health crisis.
It was such a beautiful process making this possible.

Thanks 1 Million

for Vueling

This campaign was created for a Vueling contest in collaboration with XXL Comunicación. They wanted to thank the clients from the Vueling Punto Programme for being a million members now. The idea of the campaign is to Thanks1Million to that million of people who are part of it. For that, they created this fun and visual interactive site, where the participants could obtain points and change them for flights.


Kimi was a project developed in Complot (Escuela de Creativos, Barcelona), together with my teammates Maider Hernandorena and Leticia Martin. We developed an intelligence operating system for hotels. Watch this video, check an example of the prototype and you’ll be able to see how this service works.


Idea for Moritz

This is an idea for a campaign developed at Complot (Escuela de Creativos, Barcelona), where the objective was to give value to the street musicians. Through an interactive space at the website of Moritz and the use of API in a mobile phone, we meant to show these musicians while the participants enjoy de music and the brand’s product.

Pueblos descorazonados y corazones despoblados

This is a picture of the great Magnus Wennman. He inspired me so much when developing Huground. This project aims to helps the refugees. It consists in populating abandoned villages with people that need a place to live. All the villages that join this initiative would be recognized as one of the most human destinations to travel and discover, giving themselves value. It's just a dream for the moment. And sometimes dreams are not easy to achieve. But, never impossible.
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Zero Waste Mission


During my experience at Estruc24, we developed a series of workshops named Zero Waste Mission. The main goal was to inspire the participants through mentors from the gastronomy and innovation sector and make them think, create and develop ideas to end with waste. The three main aspects were Sustainable Food, Smart Materials and Social Urban.